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Language Skills,

Discover the innovative way to test your proficiency in a series of languages!
It’s fast, reliable, user-friendly and based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)
Let the testing begin!
See how it works

Prove what you know

You may have the certificate, but now you have the… certificate of your certificate! Showcase how fluent you are in one or more languages.

Make your CV stand out

Standing out in the global workplace can be a challenge. Get ahead of your fellow applicants, by adding your validated language level to your CV.

Share with your peers

Give your social status a boost, by easily sharing the results with your friends, colleagues and family. If anything, you’ll feel proud!


Upgrade your recruiting process

Built with a dynamic algorithm and offering a user-friendly experience, InstaLevel helps candidates apply effortlessly no matter where they are. It’s a universal workplace afterall!

Pick the right people

Isn’t it easier to recruit the right people, when you can evaluate their skills right from the start? With InstaLevel you have a trustworthy validation of what applicants actually know.

Make your brand stand out

Applicants select their employers based on how employee-friendly and up-to datetheir processes are. InstaLevel helps you build a strong brand that demonstrates a cutting edge philosophy right from the application stage.

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Discover your
language skills level now!

In just a few minutes

In various languages

In accordance with the Common European Framework
of Reference for Languages (CEFR)