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Test your Maritime English

in the most sought-after roles in the Industry

As a global industry with an international workforce, it is crucial for maritime workers to be able to communicate effectively in their roles. The InstaLevel Maritime English Test is based on standards set by the CEFR in relation to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and their Standard Maritime Communication Phrases (SMCP). The InstaLevel Maritime English Test (MET) takes InstaLevel’s dynamic approach to testing and adapts it for the seafaring industry; using phrases and terminology that are essential for the safe and smooth operation of maritime pursuits.

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Take me to the available tests!

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The four InstaLevel Maritime English tests have been divided into two main vocational categories; Deck department and Engine department. Within each of these two categories test-takers will select the role that is most relevant to them – Officer or Rating – so that the terminology and procedures addressed remain relevant to the specific needs of the chosen seafaring role.

Deck Department – Responsible for the navigation of the vessel as well as a variety of tasks related to the deck and the hull including the supervision of cargo, mooring and anchoring, and the stability of the vessel.

Engine Department – Responsible for operating and maintaining the propulsion and support systems of the vessel including tasks related to the ship engine, fueling, water distillation, and fittings.

*Ratings tested on CEFR levels A1-B2
**Officers tested on CEFR levels B1-C2