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Get to know InstaLevel

A powerful tool of tangible value. A placement test made for the digitized, on-the-go, boundary-free era we live in. InstaLevel is all that and so much more.

Want to see how it works?

Want to see how it works?

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All the reasons why you should try it

Reliability is our second name, and with good reason. All InstaLevel test material has been designed by native speaking certified examiners and teachers. We have performed thousands of tests to ensure that we are aligned with the CEFR and our results correlate with the language certificates set out and issued by the most reputable universities.
Leave the pen and paper tests behind. InstaLevel is the placement test that is fully empowered by technology. Our algorithm is built to deliver a dynamic (all-in-one level) assessment based on sampling, so that you can evaluate yourself from A-Z in the language you choose with a single test.
In a world where everything happens instantly and you’re constantly on-the-go, we created a test that truly saves you time. This is why you can use InstaLevel no matter where you are, from your mobile phone, your tablet or your laptop.
Increase your HR value and your chances to make your CV stand out by adding your InstaLevel badge in the Licenses & Certifications section on LinkedIn, right on the spot. Moreover, you can share your result in social media, at the click of a button.
User Friendly
When we were designing InstaLevel, words like stiff and dull were blacklisted. This is why the experience you get when taking our test is fresh, simple, and seamless.

How to take the InstaLevel Test

InstaLevel was designed keeping two things in mind: reliability and usability.

Sure, we wanted to build a solid, trustworthy test, but we also wanted to make it an experience adapted to the modern day life.

The InstaLevel Experience

User Friendly

What you'll need

  • Tablet, smartphone or PC
  • Internet Connection
  • Headphones
  • Noise-free environment
  • Focus

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